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The Inside Scoop

Glass of milk

Skim Milk

The base of our ice cream, thank cows! Skim milk is lower in fat than whole milk and rich in protein and calcium.
whey protein powder

Milk Protein Isolate

Skim milk is gently filtered to remove sugar and fat. We are then left with a digestible, low-calorie, and low-sugar protein that gives our bars the whopping 7-9 grams in each ice cream!

Cream, Salt, Baking Soda and butter

Real cream provides the best part of what makes ice cream so delicious! Although cream is the fat in milk, our bars are still low fat because we use just enough to create the perfect balance between flavor and nutrition. They rest also assist in perfecting our texture.


Non-GMO Soluble Corn Fiber

A dietary fiber made from Non-GMO corn, it helps regulate digestion, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, which keeps you feeling fuller longer. Now that’s satisfying!
peanuts and almonds

Almonds & Peanuts

The only nuts of choice when you want to make the healthiest and most delicious Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl and Toasted Almond ice cream bars.

Processed with Alkali

Cocoa comes from the beans of the cacao tree, the key ingredient in chocolate. Processing with alkali simply allows the cacao beans to create a less-bitter chocolate.
Vanilla sticks and flower

Vanilla Extract & Vanilla Bean

You can’t have vanilla ice cream without real vanilla!
Fresh green mint


This bright green herb is what creates the cool sensation and fresh taste of our Mint Fudge Swirl ice cream bars.
Natural Coffee Beans

Natural Coffee Flavor

A flavor made from real coffee beans! It’s used to give our Coffee ice cream bars their amazing taste.
sugar cane sticks

Cane Sugar

Very little goes a long way when paired with monk fruit extract and erythritol. In fact each of our bars has only 2-5 grams, now that’s impressive!

Monk Fruit Extract

One of the sweetest melons in the world, monk fruit extract is almost 200x sweeter than sugar! It’s another way we create sweet desserts without the extra sugar and calories.
Fresh fruits and vegetables

Natural Flavor

Our proprietary blend of plant-based flavors helps give ENLIGHTENED it’s amazing flavor.
red and green grapes


It’s not sugar! It’s a zero calorie natural sweetener that comes from fruits like grapes, pears, and melons. The best part?! This all natural sugar alternative has no effect on the glycemic index, so no blood sugar spikes!
lemon acid

Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Pectin, Disodium Phosphate, Titanium Phosphate, Vegetable Glycerin

These natural ingredients help preserve our ice cream’s flavor and texture. Pectin, for example is a naturally occurring carbohydrate in foods like apples.
Carob Pods and Beans

Locust Bean Gum/Carob Gum & Guar Gum

Love the icy-free and and thick creamy texture of our ice cream? This is all thanks to the carob seed and guar bean. We use these as stabilizers to that give our products smooth and luscious texture.
Homemade melted caramel in a glass jar.

Caramel Color

A water-soluble color that gives some of our flavors their gorgeous and appetizing colors.

The Crispy Bare Essentials

Fresh beans

Broad Beans (Fava Beans)

The large legume is a protein power-house, which is what gives each package of crisps their incredible 7 grams of plant protein.

Sunflower Oil

This is what we roast our Crisps in! It is a neutral, plant-based oil.
coarse salt

Sea Salt

A more flavorful and coarse salt then traditional table salt, made from evaporated sea water.
Dry and fresh yeast.

Yeast Extract

In place of chemicals like MSG, yeast extract is a natural way to create savory flavor in our products.
Garlic bulbs


Real garlic equals real garlic flavor in our Garlic and Onion Crisps.
chopped onions


Real onion equals real onion flavor in our Garlic and Onion Crisps.

Wasabi Powder (wasabi mustard oil and dextrin)

Oil that comes from the mustard seed mixed with a non-GMO starch to form a powder that can coat our Wasabi Crisps.
red ground paprika spice

Paprika Extract

Natural source of color extracted the fruit of a plant in the chili pepper family.
grilled vegetables

Natural Smoke Flavor

A seasoning made from a liquid that gathers when smoke cools, used to give the smoky flavor to our Mesquite BBQ Crisps.
Fresh tomatoes

Tomato Powder

Tomatoes are dehydrated then ground into powder to add a tomato-y flavor to our Crisps.

Chili Powder

Dehydrate chilis ground into a powder.
Stevia Plant


a no sugar, no calorie natural sweetener derived from the stevia plant! It is about 300x sweeter than sugar.
Sugar Cane Sticks

Cane Sugar

Made from sugar cane, just a touch adds the perfect sweetness to balance the spice of our Mesquite BBQ and Sriracha Crisps.