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What I Ate Wednesday: Emily

What I Ate Wednesday is a series of spotlights on diverse eating styles and recipes, meant to showcase different diets and explore the wide variety of foods we choose to eat! Emily is a content creator on the digital marketing team at ENLIGHTENED.


When I was 12 years old, for reasons I can no longer remember, I decided to cut red meat out of my diet. Eight years later, I eliminated white meat and fish because I just didn’t enjoy it. Now I follow a mostly plant-based diet filled with tons of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and legumes. This is what I ate during a regular workday!



Coconut milk yogurt with blueberries. The texture of this yogurt can be a little weird, but it’s super tasty and great with fruit!



Not the cutest plating, but for lunch I had a salad with red pepper, cucumber, onion, roasted squash, and vinegar & oil with a roasted sweet potato on the side.



Some broad bean crisps were the perfect snack! My favorite flavors are sea salt and BBQ.


Beyond Sushi is a plant-based sushi restaurant with the most delicious rolls and a huge menu that features tons of other dishes. I got the Red Miso Noodle Bowl, and it was perfect for a cool night after a long day.


I love eating plant-based, but I definitely believe in a no-labels approach. "Eat what makes you feel good" is my motto! #balance


What is your go-to breakfast? Let us know and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more recipes, workouts, and everything #TeamEnlightened.

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