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Warm Up For the Cold Days Ahead

As the cold weather approaches you NEED to be prepared with ways to warm you up while you're burrowing in your home ( that’s right, hibernation season is upon us ). Here at ENLIGHTENED we’ve decided to rack up some ways to keep our homes feeling nice and cozy this remaining fall and winter season.

A great way to warm yourself up and even ADD some yummy antioxidants to your diet is by drinking tea. What is the best part about drinking tea in the winter? Trying ALL the holiday flavors!! AND all you need to make your own winter tea is: clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, coconut oil and a diffuser. Throw the listed ingredients into your diffuser, add some hot water, and let the diffuser sit in your tea cup for a couple minutes. Add a little milk and/or sweetener if needed and voilà! Homemade spiced tea.

Side note: If you happen to be feeling a little hungry while sipping on your tea, add some more heat to your home by munching on our delicious Siracha Crisps

Once you’ve made your cup of tea you’re going to want to get comfortable. So, naturally you have to pull out your fuzzy socks & warm blanket. PRO TIP!!: run your socks through the dryer for 5 minutes or leave them on your radiator for a couple minutes (Not too long!!) and your feet will thank you.

Now that you are warm and cozy it’s time to keep it that way with a little cold weather Feng shui. Some places in your house are just naturally drafty, move around your furniture to areas that are better heated and less chilly. This way you can keep yourself snug and get in some free redecorating (ohhhh yeaah).  


Lastly EVERYONE knows that the best part of fall/winter is scented candles that you can display all over your house without shame!! If you don’t smell leaves crunching and Christmas cookies baking when you walk through the door then you’re doing it wrong. Also, the best kind of scented candles are soy ones! Soy candles are cleaner for the environment and cleaner for your lungs, so make sure when you pick out that forest pine candle it’s made out of 100% soy wax!



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