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Time to Hit the Road for Fall Fun!

Fall Road Trip 101

Our absolute favorite thing about the Fall is quick road trips out of the city to enjoy all things “Autumn!” Leaves are changing, apples and pumpkins are ready to be picked, and rural towns across America are hosting Harvest Festivals. It’s the perfect time of year to hit the road!

Apple and Pumpkin Picking Tips

Orchard of Greig Farm

Going “apple picking” doesn’t always mean just apples! Our favorite pick-your-own farm (pictured above) also has pumpkins and if you time it just right you might be able to catch the last round of raspberries. Just remember, most farms charge by weight or number of bags, and they can add up quickly. If you’re with kids, make sure they understand to only pick the apples you’re prepared to carry home, otherwise you’ll do what we did our first time and end up with a kitchen FULL! Most orchards will also feature many kinds of apple trees, so get a few of each to taste test, and remember that some types are better for eating (like Honeycrisps) while others (like Winesaps) are better for baking.

Healthy Recipe: Mini Sea Salt Apple Crisps

While you’re at a pick-your-own farm, pumpkins are an absolute must this time of year! Have fun picking out the best pumpkin for a Jack-O-Lantern, but don’t forget to grab a couple of smaller sugar-pumpkins for baking!  For those of you in or near NYC, our favorite pick-your-own farm that isn’t too far away is Greig Farms (pictured above) in Red Hook, NY. It’s about a three hour drive from Manhattan, and has a STUNNING hill-top orchard. The picture above shows the beautiful view from one of the Greig Farm orchards!

Healthy Recipe: Pumpkin Muffins

Leaf-ing in the Northeast

Highway through Autumn Foliage Mountains

There are few sights in the world more stunning than Fall Foliage at it’s peak in New England. Autumn is one of the few times that the “activity” people most enjoy is simply driving the winding roads of New York, Vermont, and Maine capturing picturesque scenes of nature. Although a day-trip is definitely easy, we recommend finding a quant lodge in the mountains to stay the night so you can sit out on the deck overlooking a peaceful lake. The best place in the world to drink a cup of coffee!

Our friends over at have put together this awesome interactive calendar that shows you exactly how to time it just right for peak season. So handy!



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