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The 10-Minute NFL Workout

It takes ten minutes for a pint of ice cream fresh out of the freezer to temper, which is about the same amount of actual play time during an NFL game. We’ve pulled together two ten minute workouts you can complete while waiting for your ice cream to reach the perfect consistency, or each time the ball is in play (of course, we’re fans of the first option because there’s ice cream at the end).

The Rookie: perfect for those who are just ramping up their workout game, or simply looking for a quick sweat while spending hours on the sofa during gameday!  

Repeat 3X

  1. 15 crunches
  2. 15 arm dips
  3. 10 push-ups
  4. 10 squats
  5. 16 lunges

The MVP: there are no breaks for you! Power through this workout to finish in 10 minutes, and maybe even challenge yourself to complete it as many times as possible during a commercial break.

Repeat 3X

  1. 10 crunches left, right, and center (10 each)
  2. 15 jump squats
  3. 15 reverse lunges
  4. 15 burpees
  5. 30 donkey kicks

Stretch it out while enjoying those first few bites of ice cream!


What other activities can you complete in 10 minutes? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for recipes, workouts, and everything #TeamEnlightened.

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