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Staying Motivated & Healthy at Work

Especially during the summer, a lot of jobs can feel like a 9-to-5 prison. You are sitting at your desk staring at the beautiful day outside the window, counting the minutes until you can trade in your dress shoes for flip-flops.

head on desk get me out of here

Tips for staying motivated and healthy during the long summer days!

While not everyone can have their dream job (like those of us who work at Enlightened,) everyone can identify a few reasons why their job, company or product is important and worth putting time, attention, and excitement into. If you’re going to show up every day, then SHOW UP. Do the best work you can and empower your coworkers!
Keep a post-it on your desktop with a beautiful inspirational quote that can help you get centered when all you want to think about is happy hour or girls night in.

Here are some of our favorite inspirational quotes:




Set some reasonable, achievable goals.

A lot of jobs require long-term projects that don’t lend themselves too much instant gratification. They can make daily tasks seem less than satisfying. Organizing your work life makes your day more efficient and less overwhelming. Got your inbox under 500? Celebrate! Take your hard-working ass out to lunch!

Go for 'walking meetings' with your coworkers or boss.

Sometimes, sitting around a desk can feel dull and not the most inspiring. Not only is it good for your physical health, but it can also be super great for clearing your mind and helping you focus on the things at hand. If a co-worker requests some of your time, insist that the "meeting" is a journey around the office or down the hall. In fact, if a face-to-face conversation would be quicker and easier than a long back-and-forth email chain, take that brisk stroll!

Get an under desk peddler!

Under Desk Peddler

If you're not able to take walks around the office for whatever reason, you can certainly stay in motion at your desk! There are plenty of under-desk peddlers out there, so I'm sure you will be able to find one within your budget, and this is a great way to stay active and healthy even when you're tied to a desk!
Take a break and munch on a healthy snack!

C’mon, you all knew this one was coming! Grab a snack that is high in protein, like our ENLIGHTENED Crisps, so you stay full and satisfied during your mid day lull. We all know that the minute your stomach starts rumbling, you can’t stay focused on those reports or projects anymore. So have that snack on hand so you’re well equipped for these tummy-grumbling moments.

Wasabi Crisps on Desk with bowl



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