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Sriracha Mac and Cheese

Sriracha Broad Bean Crisps with mac and cheese

Listen you guys, nobody ever said that eating healthy needed to be difficult!

Sometimes, you want something fast, simple and healthy. Nothing adds a blast of flavor like a bag of ENLIGHTENED Sriracha Crisps, and stirring them into a bowl of creamy, rich mac and cheese is the perfect go-to lunch snack! Not only is the addition of our Sriracha Crisps a sure-fire way of kicking up the flavor of your mac and cheese, you don't need to feel guilty at all! ENLIGHTENED Sriracha Roasted Broad Bean Crisps are only 100 Calories with 7G of protein, 3G fiber and are gluten free, soy free and vegan!

We especially love this healthy recipe for a work lunch, because you get that added bonus of making your co-workers super jealous of your flavor-packed, indulgent bowl of deliciousness!

Sriracha Mac and Cheese on Spoon


● 1 of your favorite boxed mac n’ cheese, prepared according to instructions ● 1 ounce of Enlightened Sriracha Crisps


1. Stir the Crisps into the mac n’ cheese, then enjoy the deliciously creamy, crunchy bowl of yumminess!  

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