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Scary and Not-So-Scary Halloween Festivals

halloween festivals header

Two words, you guys: Halloween. Festivals. Now I know what you’re saying, “I don’t like scary haunted houses,” and “I don’t want my kids just gorging on a bunch of candy.” I totally get it, which is why we’ve put together a list of our favorite Halloween Festivals from around the USA that have so much more to offer than cheap scares and sugary candy!

Sleepy Hollow where the legend lives

Sleepy Hollow Halloween - NY

Some of you might not even realize there’s a real Sleepy Hollow, but it’s true, and this quiet town in upstate NY really owns being the home to the legend of the Headless Horseman! Every October there are gothic mansion tours to live music and farmers markets, there’s so much to do in Sleepy Hollow, you’re sure to please the whole family. And for those of you who can handle the scarier adventures, the 300-year-old Philipsburg Manor transforms into the super spooky home to vampires, witches, and the Headless Horseman himself!

emma crawford festival

Emma Crawford Festival - CO

How’s THIS for a ghost story? Emma Crawford was buried at the top of Red Mountain outside of Manitou Springs, Colorado, only to have her casket washed down the mountain during a rainstorm. With only a nameplate and a few bones discovered, some say she haunts Red Mountain to this day! So what do the local residents do? Throw a festival, of course! Complete with a Coffin Race and ghostly tours, this festival is not only super fun, but allows you to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery that is Colorado.

New York City Parade

Village Halloween Parade - NYC

New York City is about to play host to it’s 43rd Halloween Parade, and we’re sure that it will be one for the ages. Covering an entire mile of Manhattan, this parade features the most outrageous and awe-inspiring costumes you’ll ever see along with live bands, puppets and more! The public can even join in on the parade (if you’re in costume, of course!) If you’ll be bringing kids along, we recommend watching the parade from the North end between 15th & 16th, as it gets most crowded between Bleecker St and 14th.

Louisville Zoo Halloween

The Louisville Zoo Halloween Party - KY

Billed as the World’s Largest Halloween Party, the Louisville Zoo plays home to the perfect kid-friendly combination: Halloween and furry animals! In the words of the Louisville Zoo, “MERRY. Not Scary. CHEERY. Not Eerie.” This adventure is perfect for kids 11 and under, as the zoo features stories come to life, with costumed characters and trick-or-treating throughout! Oh, and did we mention that (weather permitting), you’re likely to see wolves, jaguars, bongos, rhinos and giraffes?! SO FUN.

And of course, no matter which Halloween Festival you attend, you must carry snacks! Our ENLIGHTENED Roasted Broad Bean Crisps are the perfect carry-along healthy snack for your spookiest adventures! Sriracha, Wasabi, Sea Salt, Garlic & Onion and Mesquite BBQ available.


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