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Pbeechie Guest Post - Positive Mindset


Paving the Way to Success with Positivity

By: Kimberly Capella Life gets in the way of our plans, there is no doubt about it. As much as we schedule and map out our lives, we are never completely in control. We miss the bus, catch a cold, and spill our coffee. But even though we can't change the things outside of our control, we do have the ability to change our mindset. We can choose to perceive life in a positive or negative light, and also how we want to share the influence with others. This mindset impacts our decision making, and ultimately what we put back into the world. Ultimately, you are whom you surround yourself with. These influences can build you up or tear you down, so it’s best to build friendships that support your path to success.

Qualities of positive influencers in your life:

  1. They inspire you to expand your goals and build a vision for a better future. They show you that you can in fact do what you once thought could not be done. Therefore, if living a healthy life is your ultimate goal, surround yourself with people who understand and can relate to your journey!
  2. They challenge you to achieve your goals. They push you slightly past your comfort zone so that you can grow from the experience. Positive influencers want to see you succeed; they catalyze your success.
  3. They encourage you through positive affirmations. The support you receive builds you up and rids you of self doubt. These "personal cheerleaders" will help bolster self-confidence and remind you that you are capable of everything you’ve set out to achieve.
  4. They free you of negativity. It is amazing how much positive energy you have when you remove the negativity! With all of the new positivity and enthusiasm, you’ll be an unstoppable force of nature.


During my failing attempts, I was trapped by websites that promoted negativity - the idea that getting fit stemmed from a place of self hatred and punishment, rather than self love and treating your body well. Once I was able to open up with friends, I began to feel the positivity and encouragement that I needed to really push towards my goals. I also found support on social media from people with similar goals. Once I allowed positive influencers to trump the negative, I felt my motivation skyrocket. I almost didn’t believe that it was possible to feel this motivated. Pushing out the negative energy and only focusing on the positive influences in my life was and still is encouraging, energizing, and inspiring. So take a deep look at the people you surround yourself with? What are your current goals, and do those people help you achieve them? How do you present yourself and influence the world in return? If you choose your influences thoughtfully, you will choose to be happy and positive. With love, Kim

Connect with Kim

Kim is known for her healthy baking on Instagram (@pbeechie) and her blog, but she also advocates a healthy mindset and overall balanced well-being. Until her early 20s, health was never a consideration. She grew up being overweight, mostly yearning weight loss purely for the vanity aspect. After struggling with eating disorders and ultimately realizing the importance of overall health & healthy eating, she lost 60 pounds and changed her entire life in a positive way. Treating your body well should and can be a second-nature habit. Follow Kim on social media. Instagram: Youtube: Website:

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