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Our Frozen Hot Cocoa VEP!

Meet Lily!

Lily Vep

Lily, the little sister of Michael Shoretz and mastermind behind our newest flavor, sat down with us to chat about her inspiration for ENLIGHTENED's newest addition to the family, Frozen Hot Cocoa.


Q: How did you come up with Frozen Hot Cocoa?

A: Our flavor guru had created a delicious marshmallow swirl a few weeks earlier, but we didn't know exactly how we were going to use it yet. We were brainstorming new flavors and wanted to come up with something new and exciting to launch this winter, when suddenly, it hit me--who doesn't love a cup of hot cocoa with creamy melted marshmallows? And what could be better than combining hot cocoa and ice cream? Before I knew it, we had our first test batch, and, after one bite, we all knew it was going to be a hit.


Q: What other things do you do for ENLIGHTENED? 

A: That's a really good question! Basically anything that needs to happen. Since before ENLIGHTENED even launched, my family worked together on coming up with the name, brand identity, package design, and, of course, on tasting the ice cream (I know, what a sacrifice!). In the past few years, I've written content for the website and packages, developed our social media sites, organized PR, charitable, sampling events--and continued working on flavor and product development. I even designed a billboard, which was pretty cool! I especially enjoy representing ENLIGHTENED at events--I love talking with people about this incredible company and watching their disbelief when they taste our products for the first time.

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Q: What's it like being Chief Executive Sister?

A: It's amazing. I always say that ENLIGHTENED feels like the ultimate family project. I love working with my family and the extended ENLIGHTENED family to create something that other families get to enjoy and incorporate into their lives. Most of all, I'm so proud of Michael and everything he's accomplished. Our parents say that "Michael" was my first word, and it's not hard to believe--he's been my hero since day one. While I do love being Chief Executive Sister, at the end of the day, my favorite role is Michael's little sister.

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Hot Cocoa