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Our Favorite NYC Farmer's Markets

Our Favorite Farmer's Market Header

We might be in the biggest (and best, IMHO,) city in the United States, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have access to locally raised, sustainable and healthy produce and meats. It feels like every neighborhood in the five boroughs has its own Farmer’s Market, but we have a few that we really love! Healthy living is all about fresh, and Farmer's Markets are always a good bet!

Union Square Greenmarket

Union Square Greenmarket - Manhattan

Union Square Greenmarket is one of the most easily accessible Farmer’s Markets, no matter where you live, as it’s located in (you guessed it) Union Square, which is a wonderfully eccentric hub connecting several train lines. You’ll find everything from fresh produce to various meats brought in mainly from Upstate New York, as well as fresh breads, flowers and plants! We’re particularly fond of the fish monger, as we LOVE fresh fish! And of course, there’s a Whole Foods RIGHT THERE so you can alway pick up an ENLIGHTENED pint or three.

Park Slope Farmers Market

Park Slope Farmer’s Market - Brooklyn

We adore Park Slope’s Farmer’s Market because it has everything we love about Brooklyn! Not only can you get the usual fresh produce, meats and breads, but if you’re a crafty person you’ll also find yarns and fibers! This market is hosted by The Old Stone House and unlike Union Square which is open Saturday’s, you’ll need to hit Park Slope on a Sunday. (And while you’re down there, you should definitely hit my favorite spot, Pork Slope!)

Sunnyside Queens Farmers Market

Sunnyside Greenmarket - Queens

For our more Northern neighbors (what I like to call Queens, since I’m a total Brooklyn hipster at heart,) there’s the Sunnyside Greenmarket. An absolutely wonderful Farmer’s Market where you’ll find all the usuals as well as ciders, different varieties of pickled veggies and local wines! Just make sure you show up on Saturdays.

Manhattan Skyline from Smorgasburg

Honorable Mention - Smorgasburg

This one isn’t exactly a Farmer’s Market, BUT if you’re in the mood for some absolutely delicious foods all cooked up and ready to eat, we highly recommend heading to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to indulge at Smorgasburg! Although it can get quite crowded and hot waiting in line at times, there is a large greenspace right next to the food tents that provides a wonderful picnic area along with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline! (I took the picture above right there!)


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