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Navigating the New Year with Enlightened!

Happy New Year!

Celebrating the New Year can be a wonderful way to spend time with family, connect with friends, reflect on cherished traditions, and make new memories. But for most of us, parties can also be busy and overwhelming! That's why we are giving you simple ways to incorporate our healthy snacks into your New Years celebrations.


All the food!

This season can also be a time when we are surrounded by sweets and food galore. Thankfully, our Crisps and Ice Cream Bars are low in calories, fat, and sugar, but high in protein! This way you can enjoy celebrating, but still feel healthy and satisfied with better snacking options. By choosing health foods you give yourself the energy to do all of the fun seasonal things that go along with this time of year! DSC_0942

Fun Ideas

• Making a yummy guac dip for your New Years celebration? Use ENLIGHTENED Crisps instead of your standard tortilla chips to add a boost of protein and fiber to this quintessential snack. • Incorporate Crisps into your normal party mix instead of chips as a way to give your snack mix a boost of nutrition! • You can even use ENLIGHTENED Crisps to bake some sweet and salty sugar cookies! • And as always, you can practice smart snacking by having Crisps as your go-to snack. They are perfect for holding you over in between meals, and they can keep you from devouring every cookie in the house! ENLIGHTENED Recipes | Salty Sweet S'mores

Fun Recipes Perfect for this Party Season

Mocha Hot Chocolate – melt our coffee flavored ice cream bar in your hot chocolate, then top it with marshmallows or whipped cream! • Crisp Sugar Cookies – Sugar cookies made with Crisps, that look like giant Crisps! • Crisps Party Mix - Sea Salt Crisps, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and mini pretzels! • Salty Sweet S'mores - Crisps sandwiched with chocolate chips and marshmallows between two mini pretzels! ENLIGHTENED Recipes | Navigating the Holidays with Enlightened!