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Make Working Out, Work for You

RichardBean (1)

Make your intentions to get fit a reality!

While our health should be one of our top priorities, more often than not taking care of it falls towards the bottom of our to do list.

Busy schedules make getting to the gym seem nearly impossible. And frankly, when you do have free time, sweating and exhausting yourself may not be exactly how you want to spend it.

The crazy thing?! Improving our physical health often leads to improvements in other aspects of our lives. We can see this in our mood, energy levels, and even productivity. Before you know it, coworkers, friends, and family will be asking you how you made yourself feel so much better! Making exercise a priority may be challenging, but the benefits of doing so are countless. Here are some tips for how you can fall in love with being active!

1. Find something you love doing

Not everyone is going to be a runner or a yogi or a weight lifter. By finding an activity that both interests and challenges you, you’ll be more inclined to keep going back for more! Best of all you can think outside the box too! Many people associate exercise with simply going to a traditional gym, but that doesn't have to be the case at all. Activities like rock climbing, dancing, ice-skating, and hiking scenic trails can also be an engaging and heart pumping exercise!

2. Invite others to join you

Recruit a team of family and friends! Train and participate in an obstacle course race, plan a pickup basketball tournament, try a spin class with your best friend, or bring the whole family to a field. Combining the social components of your life with physical activity can be rewarding for both your relationships and your physical health!

3. Choose something over nothing

You don’t need a 2 hour long workout to make a difference in your overall health and wellness. Even a 10 minute bodyweight interval circuit (such as 40 seconds of high intensity pushups, jumping jacks, high knees, jump rope, and sit-ups followed by 20 seconds of rest) can put your body in fat burning mode. The combination of getting your heart rate up with the impact of resistance training will strengthen your muscles, heart, and bones!

4. Keep track of your progress

You don't necessarily need to keep track of weight loss related progress, but you can easily remind yourself of the achievements you make in and out of the gym! Document if you were able to lift a heavier dumbbell, beat your mile time, do an extra pull up, or even just run up the stairs without breathing heavy! You’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come!

5. Make time for activity

Whether it is waking up an hour earlier or packing a gym bag to take with you straight from the office, making your workout a priority is the only way to ensure it will get done. Getting into a routine is definitely the hardest part, but once you make a habit you won’t ever want to stop!  


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