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Interview with Kendall @theflexiblefoodie

Meet Kendall!

Interview with Kendall @theflexiblefoodie | ENLIGHTENED VEP
            While you may know her by her mouthwatering food posts, hardcore workout shots and inspirational life advice, Kendall is even more wonderful than her Instagram profile leads on! We were lucky enough to get to speak to the VEP first hand and learn a little more about how The Flexible Foodie came to be!
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Interview with Kendall @theflexiblefoodie | ENLIGHTENED VEP

Q: So tell me a little about yourself!

A: I’m 20 year old and a Nutrition and Food Science major at Hunter College in New York City. On the side, I studying to receive my Sports Nutrition Specialist Certification and also hope to compete in my first fitness competition within the next 2 years! In addition I work part time in retail at the clothing store Madewell. Besides Instagram, I am active on twitter (@flexiblefoodie) and youtube (@kendalldickieson)!

Q: What motivated you to start your Instagram account?

A: I first made the account my freshman year of college when I was studying at UVM. At the time I was a strict clean eater (chicken and rice bro style haha) and not in the best mental state regarding my relationship with food. Fortunately Instagram exposed me to the concept of flexible dieting and in April 2013, and my account grew and changed as my mindset did! Instagram was a form of accountability, support, and information for me and continues to be!

Q: What is one thing you wish you knew prior to starting your health and fitness journey?

A: I wish I was more aware of the concept of balance: that it is absolutely possible to enjoy your favorite foods AND still reach your health & fitness goals!

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: I hope to have my personal training certification through NASM as well as my masters degree in Nutrition. I would love to be traveling more and attending all the fitness expos I can, really involving myself more in the fitness community throughout the world! With that, I’d love to be able to work with more health promoting companies, representing their brand and helping them spread their positive message and awesome products to help out all kinds of people! Interview with Kendall @theflexiblefoodie | ENLIGHTENED VEP

Q: What’s your favorite way to enjoy ENLIGHTENED products?

A: I love adding the crisps to my salads and inside sandwiches, or just eating them alone as a snack or alongside a meal. My favorites (in no particular order!) are wasabi, sriracha, and BBQ! As for the ice cream, I like to use the bars as a base and add tons of toppings, pair them with a protein cooke, melt them into sauces, or enjoy them on top of my oatmeal! My favorites are the vanilla bean sandwiches and toasted almond bars. Interview with Kendall @theflexiblefoodie | ENLIGHTENED VEP

Rapid Fire Round!

Q: Training legs or Training shoulders?

A: Shoulders

Q: Cats or dogs?

A: Dogs

Q: Lululemon or Nike?

A: Lululemon

Q: Crisps or Ice cream?

A: Ice cream

Thank you so much for chatting with us Kendall, and reminding us why you are truly a Very ENLIGHTENED Person!


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Interview with Kendall @theflexiblefoodie | ENLIGHTENED VEP