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Interview with Kaila @healthyhelper

Meet Kaila!


Kaila is a student, NASM certified personal trainer, beyond creative in the kitchen, and a blogger who offers positive and insightful advice on all things health, fitness, nutrition, and daily life! How does one do it all? Lucky for us we were able to interview this amazing VEP and gain a little insight into Kaila's remarkable lifestyle!

Connect with Kaila on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course her amazing blog!


Q: So tell me a little about yourself!

A: Hi everyone! I am Kaila, a twenty something soon-to-be college grad with a passion for all things health, nutrition, and fitness! I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as a NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach. I share my love of wellness on my blog,  Healthy Helper. In my little corner of the web you can expect to find healthy (yet TASTY!) recipes, fun fitness tips, and daily motivation to live your best life possible. It’s my mission to help others on their own journey to health and happiness. We’ll all have our roadblocks along the way, but as long as we keep moving forward and working towards self love, then we are on the right path.

Q: How did you first discover your passion for food and fitness? Was there a defining moment or specific source of inspiration, or was it more of a gradual transition?

A: My love of health and fitness was instilled in me at a very young age. I am lucky to have grown up in a house with two very active parents who valued health & wellness. My mom always made home cooked meals and I’ve always been a lover of real, whole foods! I grew up playing a lot of sports as well like softball, cross country, and volleyball. Now I mostly stick to running, strength training, biking, and yoga, but my true love is movement in general. Nothing feels better than fueling your body right and moving it in ways that make you feel strong and confident!

Q: What's your current favorite meal to make?

A: This is a tough one since I am always in the kitchen cooking up new dishes and recipe ideas! Since it’s BITTER cold in Buffalo right now, I am loving all things hot, hearty, and comforting. I’ve made several batches of my Vegan NO CLAM Chowder recently and have been enjoying that for a lot of meals during the week. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Q: How do you find balance between enjoying your life and staying healthy? Any words of advice for those who struggle with this?

A: For me, this type of lifestyle has always been a part of my everyday. I actually struggle more with loosening up and letting myself go out of my comfort zone more often than not. But the advice I have works for people on either side of the spectrum: listen to your body, don’t deprive yourself, and remember that life is too short to obsesses about numbers, calories, macros, or whether your workout was sufficient enough that day. Whether you are looking to get healthier or looking to be less dogmatic in your thinking, treat yourself with kindness, reach out for support, and know that many other people go through similar struggles. You are certainly not alone!

Q: What is your dream career?

A: I would love to take my blog writing on full time! That’s not really an option right now but something I also have my eye on is writing a column for a national health or fitness magazine. I am currently a Women’s Health Action Hero and I’d love to work with them in a greater capacity someday.

Q: If you could have a lifetime supply of ONE ENLIGHTENED snack, what would you choose?

A: It’s a tie between my two faves! Garlic & Onion or Wasabi Crisps! I love salty, savory snacks and these two fit the bill perfectly. I could seriously eat a whole bag of each at once.  


Rapid Fire:

Q: Chocolate or Vanilla?


Q: Salty or Sweet?

A: A little bit of both!

Q: A relaxing beach vacation or adventurous ski trip?

A: An adventurous beach vacation! I like to be on the go…but in WARM weather!

Q: A night out or a night in?

A: Night in with family and friends.


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