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Interview with Cristina @cdelp_fit

Meet Cristina!

As pre-med student, bikini competitor, foodie and fitness fanatic, Cristina is the picture of ambition! While never shy to take on a challenge, she excels at balancing school, lifting, and fun. We were able to chat with Cristina and gain a little more insight on how this amazing VEP does it all!

1. So tell me a little about yourself!

My name's Cristina. I'm currently a junior at Johns Hopkins studying neuroscience, planning on pre-medicine or possibly a masters in exercise physiology/sports nutrition.  I competed as an NPC Bikini Competitor for my first time this past fall and placed at both times, making me nationally qualified! I hope to compete again in the later summer and step on the national stage.  I'm an avid foodie and love to try new restaurants (I'm full Italian, my family owns Italian I've got high standards too).  And I'm convinced my dessert stomach is separate because I've ALWAYS got room.  I'm extremely passionate about bodybuilding and love encouraging others and sharing my love for lifting!

2. If you you had to describe your Instagram page in only 3 words, what would they be?

motivational food selfies. Take that as you may--motivation for you to be healthy, or to enjoy delicious food, or to post selfies.  Or selfies with your food. I approve of all.

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3. How do you find balance between enjoying your life and staying healthy? Any words of advice for those who struggle with this?

The most important thing I've learned recently is to choose happiness.  If you're doing something, make sure you know the why -- and that the reason behind it makes you happy. I'm definitely not 100% motivated to stick to my diet or my weightlifting plan every day, especially when the stress of school gets me down.  But I know how much happier, and better I feel, when I do. And I've really found balance in enjoying life and staying healthy through flexible dieting; this approach has allowed me not to feel restricted and go out with friends for dinner, just to be aware of my choices while doing so! And definitely learning when to say yes to pizza or froyo and NOT be so hard on yourself.


4. Current favorite post workout meal to make?

Baked oats! I'm always able to come up with some combination of flavors but recently I have loved making them with pumpkin -- especially since its winter, post workout I really just like to cuddle up with something warm!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 12.53.08 PM

5. If you could have an endless supply of an ENLIGHTENED snack, what would you choose?

The ice cream sandwiches!! They're amazing and the macros are so good.


Rapid Fire:

Weights or Cardio? Weights

Summer or Winter? Summer

Nike or Lululemon? Lulu

Salty or Sweet? BOTH!  I can't choose, I'm sorry. Chocolate covered pretzels are my kryptonite so I think that's why this argument is invalid.

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