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Interview with Ayah @healthyliving_happy

Meet Ayah!



Ayah is a passionate, positive girl who loves things food, fitness, and fun! From struggling with an eating disorder to transforming her life into one of health and self-love, her journey is truly a source of inspiration. We were lucky enough to interview Ayah and learn a little more about the strength and courage that have carried her through the past few years.

Keep up with Ayah on Instagram @healthyliving_happy


1. So tell me a little about yourself?

I am a 19 years old girl who finally found her true passion after so many years trying to be what the society wanted her to be. Transitioning from the girl who used to always skip gymnastic class and eat every kind chocolate and sweets their is and fast forward to now the girly who has a passion to inspire others to be HAPPY, HEALTHY and BALANCED! I enjoy eating my fruits and vegetables but I also satisfy my tooth with whatever I am craving because everything in moderation and BALANCE is key to. I love to be in the kitchen cooking up new creations, lift heavy weights, bring some sweat and heat with HIIT training, and relax my body and mind with yoga. This is me, this is my passion, and this is what I live for!

2. How did you discover your passion for food and fitness? Was there a defining moment or specific source of inspiration, or was it a more gradual transition?

My first transition was when I had a goal to lose a bit of weight for my sister’s wedding. Since I had a specific deadline, I tried to eat all the junk food I could before I start the 'journey'. I then began trying to eat healthy but failed like many other people who try extreme diets. Since eating healthy didn’t work, I started restricting myself of food because I felt I needed to look good in a dress.  I began dealing with binging at nights, feeling really hopeless, and eating only a few pieces of watermelon or a piece of bread throughout the entire day. But I was achieving my goal of losing weight which made me happy. My sister’s wedding day came and everyone was complimenting how great I looked and that I lost weight, which made me feel really great for accomplishing something. I kept up with my “weight loss journey” aka not eating enough food and doing hours of workouts just to be thin. A few months later my whole life was starting to fall apart and I found myself in a really dark place by myself just trying to look perfect so that people can compliment me. There was a time that I had to fight with my parents just to eat a SALAD, but I refused to because it had oil in it and it was after 8pm. I lost my period, I was always bruised, cold, in a bad mood and hated food but even though there was something in me that still enjoyed seeing the weight drop no matter what and fitting into kids clothes because I was tiny and SKINNY! aka GOAL ACCOMPLISHED, but not without consequence. I destroyed my health, my happiness, and the person I was. I thought that was it but after having the Instagram community and all the supportive people on there, I began the long journey of recovery.  I changed  my 'fitness' Instagram name from teens_fitnessfacts to >> @Healthyliving_happy because you can be healthy, enjoy food, enjoy sweets and BE HAPPY! It took me over 2 years to finally being able to say that a scale on the number can no longer give me anxiety or a piece of brownie can no more make me do 3 hours of cardio after! I eat healthy food, I workout, I eat dessert everyday, I don't restrict, I LOVE FOOD and most importantly I AM HAPPY I learned the true meaning of being healthy which is being confidant and sharing self-love and positivity


3. What is your favorite component of Instagram?

The inspiration that you can find there.

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I LOVE traveling but I have not traveled much yet but soon to come. I would probably choose the US because I have never been their and I would love to experience it!

5. What is your favorite way to relax and de-stress?

Watch sunsets, listen to the sound of waves or practice yoga.

6. What are your favorite ways to enjoy ENLIGHTENED crisps/ice cream?

Unfortunately I have not tried Enlightened ice-cream. But I LOVE Enlightened crisp on top of salad for some crunch or I always have some in my bag for whenever I wanna snack on something savory.


Rapid Fire:

Coffee or Tea?


Cats or Dogs?


A night out or a night in?

Night in, but the night out depends on the friends/mood!

Breakfast or Dessert?


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