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Interview with Arielle @ArielleSays

Meet Arielle!

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Arielle is an inspiration to over 60 thousand people who follow her on Instagram. Through losing 100 pounds, she has gained a community of support and compassion. Doing it all through adopting healthier choices, this Enlightened VEP is someone we will always look to for yummy, healthy food and positive motivation!

1. So tell me a little about yourself!

Hi! I'm Arielle, and I'm a 26-year-old travel enthusiast living in New York City. I work at BuzzFeed, and I love to write about all things related to Broadway, Harry Potter, and pop culture. I'm originally from Florida, but I definitely enjoy skyscrapers and chaos as opposed to beaches and lounging. I started my weight loss journey in May 2015, and have since lost 100 pounds, dropped six sizes, and completed my first half-marathon. It's been an amazing transition, both physically and mentally, and I'm so happy I took that first step!

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2. What motivates you to share your lifestyle choices with others?

It can be a very terrifying leap to put yourself out there so publicly, but I was inspired by someone brave enough to share their journey, and I felt compelled to pay it forward. I'm not claiming to be some health and fitness expert, but I think being vulnerable and sharing an honest account about my experience can help other people relate and realize that they're not alone.

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3. How do you find balance between enjoying your life and staying healthy? Any words of advice for those who struggle with this?

I have definitely made some sacrifices (RIP all-you-can-drink brunch), but I still go out to bars, enjoy potlucks, and go out to eat with friends, I just always choose the healthiest option I can find and prepare and plan ahead. I pack snacks a lot if I know I'll be in an environment with greasy food, and I always eat before going to a party. You don't have to give up your social life to be healthy, you've just got to switch some things around. And now my friends are jumping on the health train and are interested in doing more activities instead of just bar crawling!

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4.What do you feel is the largest obstacle facing the fitness/nutrition world today?

The availability and cheapness of processed and fast food. So many people are often too busy to cook, and therefore search for easy, affordable meals and snacks that they can eat on-the-go. I myself had this problem for so long, but I eventually started making time to cook and exercise. I set my alarm earlier so I could make a real breakfast, I started booking gym time in my calendar, and I watched a ton of videos on how to do basic cooking things that eventually helped me experiment with a ton of recipes.

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5. If one person could see your Buzzed articles/Posts who would you want that person to be?

My dad. He passed away from cancer a few years ago, but I think he would be really proud of everything I've accomplished. I've been overweight my entire life, and this lifestyle change has made me a better person, inside and out, and I would love for him to see it. Also, it would be cool if Oprah saw my articles so we could bond over Weight Watchers and our love of bread. :)

Rapid Fire:

Weights or Cardio? Cardio. Summer or Winter? Summer (but really, Fall). Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner? Dinner! Salty or Sweet? Combo of both. 

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Thank you Arielle for being such an Enlightened and inspiring person!

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