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Interview with Ali @eatburnbalance

Meet Ali

How amazing is a student that has already accomplished so many things in her young life? We think VERY amazing. This VEP sure has the drive to make things happen for herself, so read the interview to see what motivates her to stay healthy and fit!
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Q: So tell me a little about yourself!

A: My name is Alison (I go by Ali) and I am a Marketing business student at the University of Portland. I teach group fitness classes (spin and bootcamp) at the University's Rec Center and I am also a student-athlete tutor. I love to stay busy and I love being connected with so many different students on campus. I'm in my third year here (What!? Time flies!) and I am hoping to take a year off after I graduate. During that year off I plan to travel around Southeast Asia; I have a passion for traveling and completely immersing myself in the culture of the country I am visiting. I also have a passion for food and creating recipes. I post about that passion on my fitness and health Instagram, @eatburnbalance.

Q: Is there a particular person/ Instagram account that sticks out as the main source of inspiration to start your own? If so, why? If not, how did you first get involved on Instagram?

A: Hmmm. I can't pin point exactly who inspired me to create an Instagram, but I can tell you who continues to motivate me daily: @krissymaecagney, @em_dunc, @ohilyssa, and @catvanbe. All of these ladies are so stinking strong and intelligent. With brains, brawn, and ingenuity, these are the kinds of people that can make a positive change. They are determined and they are driven by self-improvement. As for how I got involved in Instagram... I started with a personal profile that all my friends from school and family followed. Within a few months I started seeing Instagrams about food and fitness and health. I thought, "well hey I can do something like that!", so I did. I created a separate account and deemed it my health and wellness account. This happened at the same time I was trying to get in better shape and eat a well-balanced diet. Instagram was definitely a source of foodspiration, if you will, for me!

Q: How do you find balance between enjoying your life and staying healthy? Any words of advice for those who struggle with this?

A: I struggled with finding this balance for years. And I think the problem I couldn't find the balance is just what I stated in the previous sentence... I was (so GD) focused on finding a balance. I was hard on myself if I indulged too much, if I didn't burn enough calories, if I didn't track my calories for a day, etc. etc. It's a viscous cycle your mind can get into if you aren't careful. So my advice to others? Don't worry so much!! Of course, if you are trying to get in shape and eat more micro-nutrient dense foods, then you will have to pay attention to how you are fueling your body and what exercise you are putting it through... but don't obsess over it! The gym will always be there for you. If health is important to you then you will naturally make choices that are good for your health (physical and mental). This choice may include going out for doughnuts with friends, or it may include doing an awesome spin class. "Health" isn't a prescriptive thing... it doesn't always mean exercise and clean eating; there is so much variability within the notion of "health". It's all about finding what works best for you!

Q: If you could do anything in the world, what would be your dream job?

A: Oh geez. This is tough. It would definitely have involve travel. But also fitness. And a lot of eating. Let's see.... a traveling fitness instructor doubling as a fine food connoisseur? Is that a thing? I'm making it one!

Q: What’s one ENLIGHTENED product you could not live without?

A: MESQUITE BBQ CRISPS. UGH they're so good!

Q: Current favorite post workout meal to make?

A: Ooooo. So many options. But I'll have to go with a smoothie bowl. I think I like smoothie bowls the most because I always top them with 5-10 snack items... and nut butters of course.

Rapid Fire Round!

Q: Coffee or tea?

A: Coffee. Always

Q: Weights or Cardio Circuits?

A: Shoot. This is tough. Depends on my mood. Right now: Weights.

Q: Summer or Winter?

A: Winter. (Salt Lake City gal here... I love my snow!)

Q: Sweet or Salty?

A: Sweet!

Thank you so much Ali for doing what you do, which is why you are one of our Very Enlightened People!

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