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How To: Getting ENLIGHTENED in Your Home Town

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Over the past few years, in our efforts to develop the most delicious good-for-you snacks in the world, we have been wonderfully overwhelmed with requests from fans all across the nation to receive our low fat, decadent ice creams and high protein crunchy roasted broad bean crisps.

We’re constantly asked,

“Where can I get your amazing products?! I can’t find them near me!”

We are humbled and excited to have gained such wide-reaching popularity so quickly, and love knowing that so many people are on the hunt for our products! Trust us when we say that we want to be in your local store as much as you want to have us there! With that, we wanted to share how you, dear fan, can get ENLIGHTENED products in your home town. It’s super simple!
  1. Prior to your next grocery-shopping trip, print out one of THESE FORMS.
  2. Once in the store, make a quick pit-stop at the Customer Service Counter and ask to speak to the manager.
  3. Hand them this form with a smile and tell them you’re about to blow their minds with what will be their new highest-selling product!
  4. High five all of the staff at the counter before going about your merry grocery-shopping way.
  5. Tell all your friends in town to do the same!
  6. Tag your store on Instagram and Facebook with #toldmystore and #eatenlightened and we’ll even be able to follow up for you!

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