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Healthy Summer Food Trends

Healthy Food Trends

Here at ENLIGHTENED, we believe it is completely possible to Indulge Responsibly, so we’ve put together a list of tasty and healthy food trends we’ve seen this summer! 

Functional Foods

Chia Seeds with Seasalt Caramel Ice Cream Bar

Moving away from the unproductive diet culture trend of cutting foods out, the latest health food movement is all about adding what are known as “functional foods” on to our plates. A food is considered functional when it has a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition, like reducing the risk of disease and promoting optimal wellness. Two examples of functional foods are flax and chia seeds. Tiny but mighty, these seeds are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous, nutrients that assist in reducing the risks of Alzheimer's, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Try stirring in some flax or chia seeds with your favorite flavor of ENLIGHTENED Ice Cream to reap these benefits!

Plant Based Everything

Crisps and Veggie Dip

The bulk of meals on some of the healthiest people’s plates this season consist of primarily plant based foods. Besides being easy to prepare (think raw baby carrots, grilled peppers or eggplant, spinach salads), enjoying foods from the earth promotes sustainability and provides your body with a wide variety of micronutrients! A common concern among plant based eaters, however, is getting enough protein. Beans are a great source of this macronutrient and our 7G ENLIGHTENED roasted broad bean crisps pack is one of the many reasons this snack is a perfect fit for the plant-based eating movement. Try topping your fresh green salad with ENLIGHTENED Crisps for added flavor, crunch and protein!

Grilled Fruit

Grilled Fruit on Grill

Summer is synonymous with grilling, but this outdoor appliance can be used for much more than cooking up traditional hamburgers and hotdogs! Slice and sear your favorite colorful fruits for an unconventional sweet treat full of antioxidants. Pineapple, figs, bananas, and even watermelon all benefit from a quick and hot sear! We love grilled peaches topped with a scoop (or the whole pint!) of ENLIGHTENED Sea Salt Caramel ice cream. Your family won’t believe something that tastes so indulgent is also good for them!

Infused Water

Sriracha Crisp Bag with Infused Water Pitcher

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months, but plain water can become monotonous. Instead of reaching for sugary juices or soda, health food fanatics are experimenting with making their own flavor infused waters! The flavor profiles are endless when it comes to executing this trend. Our favorites include raspberry pineapple, strawberry basil, orange vanilla bean, and cucumber lemon (pictured!) Mix up a giant pitcher of flavor infused water and grab a few packs of flavor-packed ENLIGHTENED crisps, and you’ll be set for a day in the summer sun!  

What's your favorite healthy recipe? Let us know and be sure to follow us here and on Instagram as we share tips for healthy living and healthy recipes all year long.
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