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School Lunches can be so Meh...


Now that your kids have been back in school for a few weeks, we are sure they’re getting tired of the same ole’ PB&J every day (and you’re definitely bored making them!) So we’re here to save the day! Not only are these our favorite tips and healthy recipes for school lunches, WE use them for OUR lunches as well! Ha!

Packing for Deliciousness

What good is a well-prepared healthy lunch if you’re just going to cram it into a paper bag? Our friends over at Bentology have the best solution! Their bento box style lunch boxes keep food separated and fresh. We all know that you begin a meal with your eyes, so I firmly believe that storing your kids food in a beautiful, brightly-colored lunch box makes them enjoy eating that much more!

Kid-Approved Food

It’s almost too easy to say that kids are picky eaters. Every parent we’ve ever met has a story or three about the finicky-ness of their child’s eating habits! We’ve interviewed quite a few parents and a few trends stand out. Kid’s love sweet, colorful and eating with their hands. That’s perfect, actually, because sandwiches and sliced fruits/veggies are so much easier to pack than pasta and soup anyway! Take it one step further and cut their tuna sandwich into the shape of a fish, and slice their veggies/fruits on an angle. Just those simple little twists will ensure that they eat healthy and their friends will say, “Hey wanna trade?!”

Keep it Healthy

We can’t say enough about the importance of a healthy diet for children, and there are certainly ways to send them to school with something that will give them their energy they need and be something they’ll actually eat! Our friends over at have put together a list of amazingly delicious and healthy recipes for your kids lunches, and you’ll certainly want to pack some of these for yourself! (You’ll also notice a guest appearance by Bentology!)

And of course, we have our own favorite healthy school lunch recipe, Baked Chicken that tastes fried! Check it out and be sure to share your favorites with us on Instagram with #eatenlightened and #healthylunch!


What's your favorite healthy pancake recipe? Let us know and be sure to follow us here and on Instagram as we share tips for healthy living and healthy recipes all year long.
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