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Healthy Picnic 101

There are very few things to do on a beautiful summer day that are more enjoyable than a healthy picnic in the park. A beautiful blanket, a basket full of delicious healthy food, and the shade of a giant oak tree are all it takes to create a picture-perfect moment for your family.

Here are our tips for creating the perfect Healthy Picnic!

Picnic Table with Basket

Keep Hot Foods Hot, and Cold Foods Cold

Nothing is worse than having the perfect setting, the perfect day and the perfect company, only to pull out cold soup and hot fruit! We recommend using a high-quality, large thermos for keeping your soups/stews warm, and this also makes it easier to dispense! As far as fruit is concerned, we recommend not pre-slicing anything - just simply (and safely) pack a knife and do the carving at the picnic. This will ensure the fruit stays cooler, longer.

Enlightened Pints All Flavors

Pro-tips: If you have cantaloupes and watermelons, set them on a floor vent in your house the night before and let your A/C get them super cold; That way you’re not over-crowding your fridge! If you’re carrying ENLIGHTENED ice cream to your picnic (which you are, obvs,) don’t worry about splurging on those expensive ice packs, just fill some ziplocs with water and freeze the day before. You can even wrap them around the pints/bars in your freezer so they’re frozen to form! Boom.


Portion Control

We’re not talking about amounts here, but the method in which you portion out the food. To ensure your healthy picnic stays, well, healthy, we recommend swapping out that white bread with whole grain and don’t buy that pre-sliced stuff! Buying a fresh-baked whole grain loaf is a much healthier alternative, and slicing at your picnic will ensure whatever is left over will last longer and sandwiches won’t be soggy! We also recommend swapping out those sugary and salty snacks with healthier alternatives. We’re quite partial to our ENLIGHTENED Crisps, as they are high in protein and low in fat and calories, making for the perfect healthy picnic snack! Pre-portion baggies of them, or just dump a big bowl in the middle of your blanket for sharing!

Enlightened Crisp Bags

Pro-tip: Nothing is worse than spilling your drink all over the blanket! Use a muffin pan to hold drinks upright! Muffin pans also make for perfect condiment dispensing, just fill each hole with a condiment and a small spoon! Functional and cute!



If you’re anything like us, thinking about a picnic in the park involves delicious healthy food, great friends and great conversation. For you parents, however, you can’t forget what kids want most - FUN! There are plenty of ways to keep your youngins active and having fun (and out of your hair.) We recommend games that will keep kids up and moving, as opposed to board games and playing cards. Carry a baseball with gloves, a football to toss around, or even a portable badminton set! And of course, there’s always the rambunctious game of tag or a fun scavenger hunt to be had!  


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