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Healthy Beach Trip 101

Healthy Beach Trip Header

Beach vacations are one of the most popular, and potentially unhealthiest, ways to enjoy the summer. Being on the beach often causes people to stay in the sun too long, snack too often and move very little. Here are some tips for having a blast in the waves and on the sand while keeping your family healthy:

Plan Activities

A week at the beach doesn’t have to mean only sitting on the beach! A lot of beach resorts also feature the ability to head to off-site excursions like hiking trails, miniature golf and water parks, and if you’re in Mexico for instance, you can even tour ancient ruins! Mix these adventures with paddle-boarding and on-the- beach yoga classes for an instant healthy vacation upgrade. So tighten up your sneaker laces, grab a backpack, and be sure to pack lots of bottled water and snacks. Get movin’!


This one should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Most experts recommend nothing less than SPF 30 and you should reapply at least once an hour (possibly more often if you’re getting in the water or are fair-skinned!) Whether you go with the spray or a lotion, make sure you get even distribution – nothing is worse than getting in after a long day and realizing you missed the same spot over and over. Ouch!


Enlightened Crisp Bags

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you need to stop healthy snacking! The key to snacking on the beach is portion control, and we’re not just talking about amounts. Pre- portioning snacks into Ziploc bags will make life easier, especially if you’re keeping up with some kiddoes. Given the (obvious) amounts of sand flying everywhere, we do not recommend “wet” foods like sliced fruit (we just can’t be bothered to be THAT careful!) Our ENLIGHTENED Crisps are easily snackable, delicious and healthy – the perfect beach trip combination! Portion out a handful of Wasabi, Sea Salt, BBQ, Garlic and Onion, and Sriracha into individual baggies to keep your beach snacks healthy and flavorful.  

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