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Healthy Back to School 101

 school supplies on desk Healthy Back To School

Welp, it's that time of year again, Parents.

After a summer full of healthy activities, vacations and unorganized play-time it’s time to get your Littles ready to go back to school! This might not be their favorite time of year, so here are some tips for keeping your kids healthy and motivated while keeping you sane.

Get the 411

Before the school year starts, be sure to update yourself on all things “scheduling,” both in the home and at the school. Bookmark the school website and make sure to calendar all of the important dates – first day of school, PTA meetings, sports schedules, and the like. If your child’s school has a Facebook Page or Group, make sure you join and keep the notifications on to stay on top of updates, and don’t forget bell schedules! No kid wants to be the last to be picked up at the end of the day, so don’t be that parent!

Set your child up for studying success

Child's Desk area

Making sure that your child has all of the appropriate textbooks and supplies is just the beginning! Create a dedicated “Study Area” in your home, like the picture above from our friends at The Container Store, where your child will not be distracted while doing homework or reading. A well-lit, quite area for a desk that is well- stocked with supplies makes all the difference, and make sure you have scheduled “Homework Time” each day.

Healthy Snacks and Conversation

Taking an active interest in your child’s social and academic life makes all the difference in the world for the young mind. We recommend setting some time aside after school, whenever possible, to just have an informal chat with your child about how their day went, what their friends are up to, and what they are learning. Approached in the correct way, your child should not feel like you are prying into their personal lives, and a great way to break the ice is with healthy snacks!

Enlightened Crisp Bags

Our ENLIGHTENED Crisps make for the perfect after-school snack and can be a wonderful catalyst for conversation. Just open a bag of your favorite flavor and start connecting (just don’t forget to actually share with your child!)  


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