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Erythritol: The Good-For-You Sweetener

Our Good-For-You Ice Creams are perfectly sweet with

only 5 grams of sugar at most!

Before you raise your eyebrows, what seems like magic is not magic at all! The sweetness actually comes from erythritol, a natural, sugar-free sweetener.

Erythritol: The Good-For-You Sweetener | ENLIGHTENED Nutrition

So what exactly is erythritol?

  Erythritol is a type of sugar alcohol, which is not the same thing as sugar. It’s a special kind of carbohydrate that the body is not very good at breaking down -- which for us, is actually pretty great! Because humans don’t have the digestive enzyme, it passes through the body with the taste of sugar but none of sugar’s negative effects. Therefore, it has no calories, yet it contains about 70% the sweetness of sugar. There is also no effect on blood sugar levels, so it will not cause blood sugar spikes.

The Highlights:

  Erythritol has...
  • 0 calories
  • No effect on blood sugar (0 on glycemic index)
  • 70% of the sweetness of sugar
  • Natural and safe to consume in small amounts

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