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End of Summer Healthy Destressing

Summer into Fall transition destressing

Vacations are ending, the weather is changing, and the kids are starting to freak out about entering a new grade. Ahhh end of summer! Although Fall is a favorite season for many, the transition from summer can sometimes be quite stressful. We've put together a few tips for staying healthy and stress-free as you get ready for Autumn!

Take a walk

It sounds simple enough, but taking a walk around your neighborhood or local park will not only help you clear your mind, but you’ll be taking advantage of the last nice days of summer. If you’ve just spent four hours dragging your kids around the store picking up school supplies, they’ll also appreciate a little quiet, and low-impact exercise is always a good thing!

Small Calendar Cushions

This tip for healthy destressing is probably the hardest to follow for most procrastinators, but stick with us! Creating small cushions throughout your daily schedule will work wonders for your state-of-mind! For example, if you usually get up at 8:00am to start your morning routine, set your alarm for 7:45am instead. Adding this tiny little fifteen minutes will make getting ready so much less rushed! Another example would be taking 20 minutes when you first get home to chat with your kids about the day. Don’t just jump straight into chores and homework and your evening will be more stress-free!

STOP with the multi-tasking!

ESPECIALLY when it comes to meal-time. Put the gadgets away, turn the tv off, and sit at the actual dinner table (that’s what it’s there for!) In today’s multi-connected world, it’s a fallacy to think that multi-tasking is “easier.” Sure the process may be more efficient, but it also means it’s easy to ALWAYS have two or three things vying for your attention at all times, and that’s no bueno. Once you have dinner on the table, it’s a time for communication and togetherness.

Healthy Eating

You worked all spring to get your beach-bod ready to go, then spent all summer maintaining it. It’s tempting to let the Fall pull you out of your routine (especially with PUMPKIN-EVERYTHING,)  so don’t let wearing a light jacket mean that you can eat whatever you want! Order that latte with skim milk and less sugar, keep fruits and veggies as a main staple of the diet, and stay away from those gingerbread muffins! Better yet, keep a bag of our ENLIGHTENED Crisps on hand for a delicious and healthy snack!


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