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Eat What You Want

ENLIGHTENED is a built on a community that loves healthy snacks (almost) as much as we love them. Unfortunately, people sometimes take it upon themselves to pass judgement on the dietary choices of others. We’ve pulled together a few reasons we stand behind our products and the customers who love them.

1. It tastes good.

As a brand, we wouldn’t be comfortable putting out a product that doesn’t meet our high standards of quality, taste, and nutrition. Our fans keep coming back for a reason! Our goal is not to create a product that fulfills one criteria at the expense of another--taste and nutrition hold equal weight in every decision we make.

2. Finding balance in an imbalanced life.

Lots of people have a history of unbalanced eating, and that’s why our work is founded on a principle of balance. We understand that life is hectic because we experience it, too--waking up early, working long hours, and trying to find time for friends and family can leave little room to micromanage your daily eating. All of our products are designed to help consumers find balance where it might not have existed in the past.

. Ordinary ice cream isn’t bad...

...but some people can’t eat it. Diabetics, bariatric patients, and ketogenic dieters don’t always have the option to eat what has been referred to as “real” ice cream. In an age where recipe development and ingredient accessibility is at an all-time high, it is our responsibility to create foods for those who are limited by traditional options. All the foods we love have adapted to modern needs and lifestyles. If they didn’t, we’d be sitting around a fire eating nuts and berries three times a day instead of exploring and tasting new cuisines and recipes. 


Simply put, eat what you like to eat. Our products are here for those who love and enjoy them, and always will be.

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