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Double Cookie Dough Marshmallow Ice Cream Sandwiches

Who doesn't love cookie dough and marshmallow fluff? Check out this delicious, healthy recipe for a great mid-day treat. These cute little chocolate chip cookies are a wonderful addition to your ENLIGHTENED Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream!  

Just scoop our heavenly creamy ice cream with marshmallow fluff onto some mini chocolate chip cookies and voila! Great to share with friends, or eat all yourself! 

This high protein snack won't disappoint. And with how simple and easy the recipe is, you can make them any time, anywhere! Hello cookiewich!



  •      Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
  •      Marshmallow fluff
  •      ENLIGHTENED Cookie Dough Ice Cream


  1.     Allow your ice cream to soften until creamy and scoopable.
  2.     Lay out 2 mini chocolate chip cookies per each ice cream sandwich.
  3.     Top half of the mini chocolate cookies with a scoop of marshmallow fluff.
  4.     Top the other half of the cookies with a scoop of ice cream.
  5.     Press the ice cream sandwiches together and smooth the sides.
  6.     Freeze the sandwiches until the ice cream has firmed back up.
  7.     Remove from the freezer and dig in! 

What's your favorite healthy cookiewich recipe? Let us know and be sure to follow us here and on Instagram as we share tips for healthy living and healthy recipes all year long.
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