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Chocolate Extreme Smoothie Bowl

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Chocolate Extreme Smoothie Bowl

Decadent, rich and healthy! The three words that make our hearts sing. This blended treat is the perfect healthy recipe for this summer!

You guys remember our 3-Ingredient Chocolate Bites, right? Well we were snacking on them the other day and thought they'd make the perfect ice cream smoothie topper. So what did we do? Of course we went straight to the ENLIGHTENED kitchen and made some! Add in a banana and some soaked chia seeds and you've got a thick, rich, indulgent and healthy treat!

Spoon full of Chocolate Smoothie


● 1 Enlightened Fudge Bar ● 1 large frozen banana ● 1 - 3 Ingredient Chocolate Bite, cut into pieces ● Optional: ¼ cup quick cooking oats, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, and/or 1 tbsp. soaked chia seeds for a thicker smoothie


1. Blend the bar, banana, and optional add-ins to the blender - blend until smooth! 2. Top with pieces of the chocolate bites, then dig in!  
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