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Building an "Indoor Snowman"


What happens when there is no snow but you want to build a snowman?? Or if there is snow, what if it's not the good kind that packs itself up and that you can roll into a snowman shape?! ENLIGHTENED has created a backup plan by pulling together a couple ways in which you can create and customize a perfect non-snow-snowman while utilizing what’s already in your home!


This wikihow article tells you everything you need to know on how to put together an adorable little Toilet Paper Roll SnowmanSO FLUFFY. SO SNOW LIKE.


Have any plastic cups lying around? Well if you do this is the perfect Homemade Snowman for you! When your guests come over you can tell them that your winter decor is handmade (ohlala!). This one may take a little longer than the others so make sure to snack on some of our Roasted Broad Bean Crisps while you craft!


Any kind of cereal, pasta or rice box and an egg carton will do for this next one. It may not be the typical round shaped snowman but it's just as cute! This Cardboard Box Snowman transforms your typical snowman into a fun new shape!


This last Paper Plate Snowman is very easy to make and perfect for hanging up on the walls or on the fridge. Even hang it on your window as a fun greeting for people walking by your place.



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