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Want Better Chicken Salad? Wrap It!

chicken salad lettuce wraps with crisps

There is one sure-fire way to make Chicken Salad better: Wrap it in lettuce! Not only does fresh lettuce add a crisp coolness to this healthy recipe, but it makes it way easier to shove the delicious chicken salad into your face as fast as possible! *nom nom nom*

chicken salad, lettuce, bbq crisps

Once the chicken salad is prepared, there's really nothing left to do before enjoying except tossing in some ENLIGHTENED Mesquite BBQ Crisps for an extra crunch and blast of flavor!



After tossing in the rest of the diced veggies, you're ready to get wrappin'!

chicken salad in lettuce

lettuce wrap cut in half

chicken salad lettuce wrap bite



● 1/2 chicken breast, lightly seasoned (salt and pepper), grilled and chopped

● 1 tbsp. mayo

● Salt and pepper, to taste

● ENLIGHTENED Crisps - we used Mesquite BBQ, but any flavor will work!

● Chopped raw vegetables (like carrot, scallion, celery, cucumber, or any combination)

● 2 large whole leaves of romaine, bibb, green leaf, or red leaf lettuce


1. Add chicken, mayo, salt, pepper, and Crisps to a bowl. Mix to coat everything evenly.

2. Place your chicken salad in the center of each lettuce leaf. Roll gently, then enjoy!



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