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Best Fall Brunch Host

We all love to brunch but when it's cold out and you can't go to your favorite outdoor seating spot it's time to plan that delicious midday meal all on your own! Then, once your brunch is planned, invite your friends - or don't, more food for you. Here are five of our favorite ways to make your brunch the best EVER.

1. Make it seasonal. We LIVE for a theme and a fall themed brunch is exactly what you need to get your friends to move off their couches and onto yours. We found this great recipe for non-alcoholic Sparkling Cider Mimosas (scroll to bottom) that you can sip on all day long, guilt free!

2. Have options. The goal is to make a brunch that tastes great, that everyone likes, and that is good for you. Sounds Impossible. But is it? If you lay out a variety of yummy healthy options for your guests chances are you’ll be able to satisfy everyone’s taste buds while keeping it nutritional. For example, Here’s a link to an awesome Fruit Display that will distract your friends from the fact that they’re eating healthy! Another great snack to put on the table? Our ENLIGHTENED Crisps! You can munch on them all brunch long and still feel good about it (savory and sweet options).


3. Add some decoration. Have fun with your brunch planning and add a little personal touch. These DIY Fall Leaf Wedding Escort Cards can easily be modified to creative fall place holders for you and your pals.


4. Make a playlist. Put on a little background music to set a nice vibe. You can choose something more zen when you’re eating/catching up and then who knows? Maybe you’ll want to have a rockin' dance party to help digest all that yummy food. Here’s a Brunch Playlist that might get you moving around. 



5. Get comfortable. You know that saying, “Make yourself at home?” Well, that’s what your guests should be thinking before you have the chance to say it. Put a blanket at each person’s seat so they can wrap themselves in it on those crispy cold autumn days. If you’re a super-awesome-cool host, once they’re warm, you’ll offer them some Good-For-You Ice Cream and be that person who had brunch DESSERT (genius).


VIOLA! Those are the 5 steps to becoming THE BEST fall brunch host, now hurry up before you have to perfect the 5 steps to becoming THE BEST winter brunch host!!



What's your favorite healthy pancake recipe? Let us know and be sure to follow us here and on Instagram as we share tips for healthy living and healthy recipes all year long.
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