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Baked Chicken that Tastes Fried!

I'm pretty much obsessed with fried chicken, you guys. Like, for real. It's in my top 3. So as someone who also cares about nutrition, it can sometimes be difficult to satisfy a craving and not feel horrible about it after the fact. That's why I absolutely LOVE this healthy recipe, as I can get the deliciousness of the salty, crispy texture of fried chicken with none of the guilt!

This recipe is so perfect because the only "work," if you can even call it that, is baking the chicken and slicing the tomatoes and pear. So basically, you can have an amazing healthy lunch prepared from scratch in half an hour! Tossing in some of our ENLIGHTENED Sriracha Roasted Broad Bean Crisps adds a wonderful snap of flavor to the already super tasty salad.



  1. Dip your chicken breast in olive oil, then let the excess drip off. Coat lightly in breadcrumbs. Bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes (flipping halfway through) or until cooked thoroughly. Let cool, then slice.
  2. In a bowl, toss lettuce with salsa.
  3. Add your salsa-coated lettuce to your lunch container. Add Crisps, tomatoes, and sliced chicken - enjoy!


What's your favorite healthy chicken recipe? Let us know and be sure to follow us here and on Instagram as we share tips for healthy living and healthy recipes all year long.
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