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5-Ingredient Sweet and Salty Veggie Flatbreads

Posted by Enlightened The Good-For-You Brand on

Warm spring days should always be accompanied with fresh and delicious snacks. This Sweet and Salty Veggie Flatbread recipe is the perfect way to fuel your day without weighing you down. 

Top a seeded cracker with tasty veggies and our crunchy Sea Salt Crisps. The layer of Ricotta cheese underneath adds a smooth and creamy taste, and when mixed with the fig jam, it creates a delightful mix of sweet and savory! 

This healthy recipe is a great way to utilize spring veggies and seasonal jams! Plus, If you pre-slice the veggies, these ingredients are perfect for packing in a basket and taking to the park for a picnic! 



  •      Seeded crackers
  •      Fresh ricotta
  •      Sliced vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots)
  •      Fig jam
  •      Sea salt ENLIGHTENED Crisps


  1.     Lay out a cracker
  2.     Add ricotta and fig spread.
  3.     Top with sliced veggies and crisps!


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