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3-Ingredient Chocolate Bites

Seasalt Crisps with Chocolate Bites

These 3-Ingredient Chocolate Salty Bites are dead simple, super healthy and make the perfect finger-dessert for your next event or dinner!

Close-up of Chocolate Bites

Made with Medjool Dates, which are plump, moist and luscious on their own, this healthy recipe combines the decadence of dark chocolate with the sweetness of the dates and the saltiness of our ENLIGHTENED Sea Salt Crisps.

Your guests are guaranteed to beg you for the recipe, and you have our permission to play coy and pretend that it was "just soooo difficult!" Ha!

Hand holding chocolate bites


● ⅓ cup Enlightened Sea Salt Crisps ● ⅓ cup dried medjool dates ● ⅓ cup dark chocolate chips


1. Add all three ingredients to a food processor - blend until mostly smooth. 2. Roll the mix into bite-sized balls, then enjoy a sweet treat!


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